Who We Serve

Over a quarter of a million people suffer from some form of visual disability in Pennsylvania alone. Our foundation provides resources, financial assistance, and education to 37 counties in Pennsylvania. We serve the following Lions’ districts in Pennsylvania: C-D-G-H-K-L-T-U-W.

Learn more about who we serve within these counties and how we’re working to end corneal blindness in not just our community, but the world.

The vision or hearing-impaired

  • Provide grants to those in need of financial assistance to afford the latest medical technology and/or treatment
  • Advocate for improved access and services for those with vision or hearing impairments
  • Connect individuals with organizations and businesses that can help them receive treatment, increase independence, and any other needs they might have

Communities within our service area

  • Educate the public on the topics of eyesight preservation, tissue donation, regular screenings, eyesight safety, and the special needs of those with visual or hearing-impairment

Medical Professionals

  • Provide grants to Occupational Therapists and Rehabilitation Therapists obtaining their visual impairment certification education

Organizations dedicated to the same goals

  • Promote these organizations to members of the community and encourage community engagement
  • Connect organizations with individuals that can utilize their services
  • Provide grants to help these organizations continue assisting those in need

Help us to promote community efforts, provide access to services, and educate the public by getting involved today!