Does someone in your community need cataract surgery but not have the means to pay for it?  Do you know of a deaf person that hasn’t been able to use the telephone because an adaptive device is too expensive?

Through Patient Care Grants, the Northeast Pennsylvania Lions Service Foundation (Foundation) partners with the Lions/Lion and Lioness/Lioness/Leo Clubs in our 37 county service areas to help low-income individuals get sight and hearing treatment that they otherwise cannot afford.  We have funding to help your Club support the following types of projects, services, and/or treatments:


Cataract surgeries
Cornea transplants
Magnification equipment
Vision therapy
Special glasses/contacts
A guide dog
Speech therapy for children with hearing loss
FM systems
Hearing Aids
Sign language instruction
Baby monitors for deaf parents
A hearing guide dog
Talking computer software


The Process begins when a Club decides to sponsor someone and submits the attached application to us. The application is reviewed by our Grants Committee to determine if we are able to help.  If approved, we pay half of the treatment cost and your Club pays the other half.

If you have any questions, do not hesitate to contact the Foundation at 1-610-625-0350 or 1-717-234-0275.  Thank you for the wonderful work you do for your community!

Download Patient Care Application

 Download Education Request Applicaton

Download Equipment Request Application

Download Expedited Request Application