Preserving Sight – Expanding Service

The Northeast Pennsylvania Lions Service Foundation (NEPALSF), formerly known as Northeast Pennsylvania Lions Eye Bank, was created with the primary goal of eliminating corneal blindness. The Foundation has a long history of working to enact change, dating back to when the first Lions Clubs began supporting Pennsylvania communities in 1957. Our goal is to end blindness not just in the 37 counties we serve today, but also nationally and globally. It’s an ambitious goal, but with technological and scientific advancements combined with education and access, it’s an achievable one.

We can reach this goal through these coordinated efforts:

  • Promote the saving, restoring, aiding, and preserving of eyesight and hearing
  • Highlight programs and efforts in our community that share the same goals
  • Enable medical professionals to receive specialized vision and hearing impairment training
  • Assist individuals in pursuing future careers helping the visually-impaired by providing educational opportunities for low vision certification
  • Educate the public on eyesight preservation, eyesight safety, and the needs of the visually-impaired in their community
  • Provide grants and financial support to individuals in need and organizations that are working towards the same goals

Mission Statement

To end eyesight and hearing impairment in our lifetime through education, grants, and partnerships within our communities.


Our vision is to create a world where preventative blindness no longer exists, communities actively and effectively support the impaired in our society, and all hearing and visually-impaired individuals have access to medical professionals and technology that can help them.


Our values stem from our roots in Lions Clubs across Pennsylvania, where the overarching motto is “We Serve.” Our Foundation promises to passionately serve our communities and always focus our operations on helping those in need.

Whether you’re in need of financial or medical assistance, or you feel passionate about our cause, we invite you to get involved in the Northeast Pennsylvania Lions Service Foundation! Together we can change the world.